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Music production has been the mission of our staff for what seems to be forever. It all takes place at the Casa Da Cabras studio with support from The Insane Cat and Blue Cat Sandwich.



Our video channel on YouTube is there for the taking. This channel is powered by the video facilities at the Casa Da Cabras.



Digital photography and image enhancement is what we are all about. Our Instagram page is where you can start.

We Are a Portal for US Presidential History

With years of dedication to the research of the highest office of the free world, we have put together a presentation that focuses on the people who served in the office. Presidents are people first and this affacts every decision they make while in office.

US Presidents Are People Too
  • Summaries of personal details.
  • davidmajka.com Presidential ranking from best to worse.
  • Pros and cons of every single chief executive.
  • Several different list into common traits we share with US Presidents.
  • Facts about family trees, famous kin and personal health
  • An extensive First Lady section
  • Little known life details about these individuals that showcase how human they are.
  • It all starts here.

we want to know who your favorite president is and why

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